Ekam Eco Solutions works in the domains of Sustainable Sanitation, Value-added Bamboo Products and Sustainable Livelihoods.

In the domain of Sustainable Sanitation, the objective of Ekam Eco Solutions is to design, develop and disseminate safe, sustainable and culturally appropriate sanitation solutions so that communities experience better health and abundance of pure water bodies is restored. Access to safe and sustainable sanitation for every denizen of the planet is one the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Ekam’s approach to sanitation recognizes the opportunity to provide water less urinals, source-separation toilets and nutrient recovery reactors with the additional feature of making every effort to break the pathogen cycle and close the nutrient cycle. The overall approach is to close the sanitation-agriculture loop. Ekam’s continuing effort is to evolve strategies and solutions for communities by employing user-centered design process.  While there is an urgent need to increase sanitation coverage, it is important to ensure that another chain of problems such as water contamination, pathogen propagation are not caused by rapid deployment of water-based sanitation systems. It is now well known that untreated products from sanitation systems get discharged in water bodies leading to health risks, environmental degradation, water contamination etc. It is often not recognized that all of us are affected to contamination and health risks owing to improper waste disposal which are also at the core of conventional flush and forget as well as drop and store sanitation systems. The enormous opportunity to provide safe and sustainable sanitation solutions in public places, institutions and public transportation systems calls for a chain of entrepreneurs deploying products and providing services.

In the domain of Value-added Bamboo Products, Ekam Eco Solutions works through it’s division Bambooed and has developed a range of pre-fab and custom bamboo products for the habitat sector and premium utilitarian products with innovative finishes. Bamboo is known to be an eco-healer and promotes land stabilization, prevents soil erosion, performs carbon sequestration. There is very high potential to mitigate global climate change by using bamboo based building elements to replace high embodied energy materials in the construction sector. The approach of Bambooed is to work with the communities who have been custodians of knowledge of bamboo cultivation, harvesting and manufacture. The objective is to empower these communities to develop contemporary products including bamboo-based habitat products and bamboo-based premium products which can ensure better returns to them. Ekam is also working to break the myth among these communities that the bamboo sector does not have the possibility of ensuring for them a life of dignity. Among some institutions promoting bamboo also, there is a lack of imagination about developing modern engineered bamboo products from bamboo and other green materials such as coir, flax, hemp etc.  Bambooed welcomes collaboration with community organizations working with bamboo, corporate houses and government agencies to collectively achieve the enormous potential of the bamboo economy in ensuring food security, shelter security, ecological security and livelihood security.

Ekam has commenced its work by addressing the gap in product development and innovation and is in the process of rolling out a number of innovative pre-fab and custom solutions which could be implemented in rural, urban, institutional and individual levels. We not only strive to create green products and systems with low embodied energy, we are also developing strategies for sustainable businesses around them.

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